It’s that time of year again! As we prepare for the start of the 2017-2018 academic calendar year, we’d like to invite everyone to come out and join us for our “Back to School Barbecue”. Come out to hear all the details on this year’s tutoring program and get a chance to meet and mingle with your assigned mentor! There’ll be food, fun, and fellowship!! August 27 1pm-4pm don’t miss it!

The Annual Back

to School Barbecue

We’d like to give a special birthday shout out to all of the 13th Men who will be celebrating a birthday in the coming months.


Isaiah Ngimbi- Aug. 1

Josiah Lott- Aug. 2

George Bullock Jr. - Aug. 3

Tyler McKenzie – Aug. 4

Cameron Chandler – Aug. 6

Troy Carpenter Jr. – Aug. 12

Rainin Jackson – Aug. 14

Camryn Johnson – Aug. 22

Ayod Shuford – Aug. 26

Elijah Smith – Sept. 3

Anthony Sanders – Sept. 6

Darion Jackson – Sept. 10

Zach Dougherty – Sept. 11

Khiree Simpkins – Sept. 16

Cameron Sweeney – Sept. 17

Kaleb Hall – Sept. 18

Devondre Godbolt – Sept. 24

Nicholas Dewsbury – Sept. 27



 “Happy Birthday Fellas!” - Mr. Kelly

Academic Tutoring for the 2017-2018 calendar year will begin on Saturday, Sept. 8, 2017 in both Charlotte and DC. The 13th Man DC has partnered with Let’s Learn Tutoring to provide academic support to all of our participants.

Tutoring Update from

Let’s Learn Tutoring



1 pm- 4 pm

DMV Back to School BBQ

Watkins Regional Park



DMV Basketball Clinic

Time & Location TBD



DMV & Charlotte Tutoring Begins

9 am – 11 am



DMV Charity Golf Tournament

The Country Club at




DMV Bus Trip to Charlotte

DC | CLT Enrichment Day




            ince July 2015, we’ve hosted our annual Summer Classic Empowerment Camp. We have     
            had great success with the number of attendees and with the overall outcome of the conference. This year was no different. On July 26, 2017, we had 70 young men come out and join us for an extended four day program at the Greenbelt Marriott. To kick off the Classic, we had a group outing to the Washington Nationals vs. Milwaukee Brewers baseball game at Nationals Ballpark on July 26. There, we were able to cheer the Nationals on to victory as they won the game 8-5.


Over the course of the next four days, each of the young men who attended experienced leadership, mentorship, and fellowship that would impact their lives forever. From the inspirational O.G.B.L.M. (Original Gangsters of Black Lives Matter) segment where we heard from some inspirational African American men on what it was like to grow up in an unaccepting society, to the discussions with the men on our career panel, and the fun team building exercises, this year’s event was nothing short from greatness! In addition to the aforementioned workshops, our attendees partook in other impactful sessions as well, like a discussion on father figures and a sit down dinner with the mentors.


With all of the unforgettable knowledge that they attained during their workshops, we were sure to implement various fun activities for them as well. They played video games on video game trucks; they went to sky zone to jump around; and they even enjoyed delicious snow cones when we had a snow cone truck come to the hotel.


By the close of our program we had received several testimonials from our young men on what they felt was the highlight of their time with us.



Read below to see what some of their responses were:


“One profound moment for me was Pastor Lott’s talk about fathers. It helped a lot.”


“This weekend was special because it was a wonderful experience. This camp was free and it is the best camp that I have been to. I learned things here that are hard to find anywhere else. I learned a lot of life skills while having a lot of fun that I can use to make me the best version of myself.”


“This weekend was special because I was able to learn about leadership, honesty and hard work. All of these things helped me realize what I need to work on and practice more often. I am really grateful for this camp.”


“This weekend was special because of the programs regarding mentorship, helped bond people as a whole and demonstrated what taking the leadership role is about. It also exuberates the assurance that people hold confidence in their words.”


While we were able to meet our goal of providing these young men with a positive leadership experience, we wouldn’t have been able to do so without the help of the many speakers, volunteers, chaperones, and mentors who came out to support us. We’d like to thank all of you for your support in making this year’s event such a success!!



“This weekend was special because I was pushed to the limit. I learned how to control my goofiness and I shared my story. I can’t wait for next year.”




3rd Annual

Charity Golf Tournament

On September 25, 2017, the 13th Man will be hosting our 3rd Annual Charity Golf Tournament at The Country Club at Woodmore in Mitchellville, MD.

Registation is now open for sponsors and  players, we also welcome volunteers. Visit the website to for more information and registration details!

The DMV Meets Charlotte


On October 14, 2017 the DMV Chapter of the 13th Man will embark on our first overnight trip to Charlotte, NC where we will join the Charlotte Chapter for an amazing fellowship opportunity. The trip to Charlotte, NC will give the members of the DMV the opportunity to meet and mingle with the young men of the Charlotte Chapter. They will have the chance to create extended friendships and bonds all the while getting a glimpse into what it’s like in Charlotte, NC.

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