We invite you to support The 13th Man and make a difference in a young man’s life.  Your donation will help us provide year-round learning and developmental activities for 13th Man participants.


 Our programs include: Academic Tutoring (Reading, Math, Sciences) SAT/ACT Tutoring Enrichment Programs (College Fair, Teen Summit, Career Exploration, STEM) Mentoring (One-on-One, Group Sessions, Mentor-Led Current Topic Seminars) Summer Classic Enrichment Program (3-Day Summer Youth Development Program, Free Residential Program, Speakers and Activities)

There are a number of ways you can support The 13th Man. Please consider the following:

1. Sponsor and/or participate in the Annual Charity Golf Fundraiser;


13th Man Sponsor - $10,000

Awards & Reception Sponsor - $5,000

Gift Bag Sponsor - $5,000

Beverage Cart Sponsor - $2,500

Honoree Sponsor - $1,000

Tee-Box Sponsor - $500

Individual Golfer - $150

2. Sponsor the Summer Classic Empowerment Program;


Summer Classic Awards Banquet Sponsor - $1,500

13th Man Summer Classic Sponsor - $600

(Sponsor one Summer Classic participant)

Summer Classic Patron - $100

Advertisement ($50 - $500)


3. Purchase:

          From Courtside to the Boardroom
E. Davon Kelly (Founder, The 13th Man).

All Proceeds go to support The 13th Man.



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