We invite you to support The 13th Man and make a difference in a young man’s life.  Your donation will help us provide year-round learning and developmental activities for 13th Man participants.


 Our programs include: Academic Tutoring (Reading, Math, Sciences) SAT/ACT Tutoring Enrichment Programs (College Fair, Teen Summit, Career Exploration, STEM) Mentoring (One-on-One, Group Sessions, Mentor-Led Current Topic Seminars) Summer Classic Empowerment Program (4 day Youth Development Program in Washington, DC) Winter Classic Empowerment Program (Youth Development Program in Loudoun County, VA) Spring Classic Empowerment Program (Youth Development Program in Charlotte, NC)

There are a number of ways you can support The 13th Man. Please consider the following:

1. Sponsor and/or participate in the Annual Charity Golf Fundraiser;


13th Man Sponsor - $10,000

Awards & Reception Sponsor - $5,000

Gift Bag Sponsor - $5,000

Beverage Cart Sponsor - $2,500

Honoree Sponsor - $1,000

Tee-Box Sponsor - $500

Individual Golfer - $150

2. Sponsor the Summer Classic Empowerment Program;


Summer Classic Awards Banquet Sponsor - $1,500

13th Man Summer Classic Sponsor - $600

(Sponsor one Summer Classic participant)

Summer Classic Patron - $100

Advertisement ($50 - $500)


3. Purchase:

          From Courtside to the Boardroom
E. Davon Kelly (Founder, The 13th Man).

All Proceeds go to support The 13th Man.



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