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Past Classics Programs

2019 Classics Schedule

The Classics are the 13th Man's signature event held in Spring, Summer and Fall; FREE to its Participants. These leadership development programs are focused on life skills and enrichment activities that encourage Participants to become leaders in their community and learning how to be accountable for their actions and decisions. Event sessions include:


Leadership Development: Conflict Resolution, Presentation Skills, and Civic Awareness

Personal Development: Lessons in Manhood, Personal Grooming,

Proper Etiquette, Anti-Bullying, and Law Enforcement Interaction

Financial Literacy: Wealth Creation and Marketplace/Household Budgeting

Professional Roundtable Discussion- Participants interact with entrepreneurs, attorneys, and professionals who share life lessons and sage advice for a path to success

Team Building Exercises- Intellectual Debates, Sports Talk, and Outward Bound training

Fun Activities: Nationals Game, Video Game Van, Golf Clinic, Basketball Scrimmage, Go-Kart Racing, Laser Tag


We invite you to support The 13th Man and make a difference in a young man’s life. If you are looking for a Summer Camp that will be challenging, educational and FUN, sign up for the 13th Man!

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