A Legacy in the Making

from courtside to boardroom.

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E. Davon Kelly, the 13th Man Founder, entrepreneur, coach and author presents a challenge to each of us by asking, "What will your legacy be?" In his book, you will follow the journey of one man who shares life lessons learned on the basketball courts to his application of those lessons in his multi-million dollar businesses. At the end of each chapter, the author presents questions for the reader to answer that will help guide self-discovery of the legacy question."

Thank you for taking time out of your demanding schedule to share your wisdom and time with the students and mentors at last month's Mentoring Round Table sponsored by the 100 Black Men of Western PA…Please accept our sincerest thanks to you for mailing an autographed copy of your book to our son, Isaiah.  We are excited about the possibilities that are ahead of him as he moves towards High School graduation and we know that the insights you share in your book will add to the continued growth and empowerment along his journey.”


B. Cofield, Attendee (Parent)