Application Essay
Writing Session

13th Man HQ

February 22, 2020
March 7,  2020

9 am - 11 am




(Non-refundable after May 30th)

April 30,  2020



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Review the following essay questions in preparation for one of the

scheduled writing sessions with 13th Man.
(Feb. 22 or March 7)




As a member of the 13th Man, how have you been impacted to

change your journey to success?


What does The 13th Man Pledge mean to you? Share an example of

how you have lived out that pledge and become a game changer.

What does leadership mean?
How does a leader impact his friends and teammates?
What measures are you taking to become the leader you envision?


How would attending the 13th Man
International Leadership Program be impactful to your future?


Why should the selection committee choose you to be part of the

13th Man International Youth Leadership Program?



If you have answered and reviewed all questions, please submit your application and you should receive an email confirmation.
If you do not, please contact the 13th Man at Thank you and good luck!