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I would love to share my thoughts on the tutoring service. First off, thanks to the 13th man for providing this necessary tool for the boys. Tutoring( coaching) is a must in these days. Ethan has had an awesome, effective experience with his tutor. He has only utilized math but his tutor Nicole Williams is very experienced and dedicated to Ethan’s success. She also sends extra videos for him to review. He adds the strategies that she teaches to what he learns in school.
– Alease Jackson


The tutoring sessions have been wonderful. My son has an IEP and it really surprised me to hear him answering questions and engaging with the teacher. When I first asked him what made him talk, he said no one else was speaking up. One reason James' grade was down is due to not turning in or completing work. I thank the 13th Man so much for ALL of your support!! Like Davon says if you don't have all A's then you should be in tutoring. My son is changing little by little. I am proud of him because he's come a LONG way.
– Dione Hamer


This weekend was really fun waking up in the morning, having a roommate, having “Guy Talk.” This was a very “down to earth” camp.

This weekend was special because I met new people and learned about leadership and the qualities about being a man and being a black man.


This weekend was special because so many people came out of their way Just to talk.  Mr. Kelly paid every single dime to make us get better.


One thing I liked about this was the fact that they talked about how to handle some problems, and how to use that problem as a resource to your future.


This weekend was special because I was able to learn about leadership, honesty and hard work. All of these things helped me realize what I need to work on and practice more often. I am really grateful for this camp.


This weekend was special because of the knowledge I couldn’t have learned in school.


This weekend was special because I met new people got/gained knowledge and wisdom from different speakers.



This weekend was special because I was pushed to the limit. I learned how to control my goofiness and I shared my story. I can’t wait for next year.


I enjoyed Rayvon's talk because he became a role model to me and someone I look up to.


This weekend was special because Rayvon spoke to us about like and being your own person.


The 13th man was special because of being able to meet men, and them talking about how they went through racism to get to where we are.


This weekend was special because we went to a baseball game, we got information and we went to Skyzone.


I enjoyed Rayvon speaking to us. He was very enthusiastic about what he had to speak about. Also, I can really tell he was about his business. This weekend was special to me because although we had our fun, we learned how to become men and the hardships of being adults.


This weekend was special because the greatest things in life are put behind fear, it is our job to overcome that obstacle. “You can take the $40,000 deal or the $80,000- it’s your choice.”

This weekend was special because of the team activity even when we failed it was fun. I made new friends, I learned more about teamwork and I will plot things out when I am building.

This weekend was special because I learned some great things about money and savings,


This weekend was special because I was able to learn how to simply make money now in high school and when I am a full-grown man. I also learned how to be financially intelligent.


This weekend was special because of the exposure to so many African American leaders that we were able to learn from.


This weekend was special because of the programs regarding mentorship, helped bond people as a whole and demonstrated what taking the leadership role is about. It also exuberates the assurance that people hold confidence in their words.


This weekend was special because Pastor Fred’s lesson about fathers made me appreciate my dad more than I did.

I thoroughly enjoyed this. It took my son to the next level. I taught him how to be a Gentleman, earn good grades, respect himself and others. Even taught him German. However, Mr. Kelly and everyone around him took Mentorship to another level. A level I wished I had as a young man.
– Derrick Jennings

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