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I am excited to be a part of the progress you’ll make in 2023!

I look forward to providing resources
while supporting your aspirations and goals.

– Ray Custis

Social tools are helpful in many ways and help us connect with others with like-minded interests and give us a space to share our thoughts, feelings, and insights. It can also be a safe space to share our personal stories and experiences. As with anything, you get more out of it the more engaged you are and if you use it positively.

Mighty Networks is the social platform and tool we will be using to provide a safe space and support our community with the following:

  • Building a wellness toolbox

  • Coping with grief and life’s struggles and challenges

  • Learning how to channel anger in a constructive and healthy way

  • Expanding vocabulary around emotions to better express them

  • Developing a healthy thought life and habits



The group coaching will aid in developing healthy lifestyle habits and patterns. And also provide
actionable guidance to help support accountability and develop grit. It will include the following:
Weekly topics with ongoing content which includes tips, practical tools, and resources:

  • Virtual workshops

  • Live Q & A

  • Community check-ins

  • Private groups based on interests

  • That features for one-on-one connection


It is a place where you will learn reframing techniques to overcome obstacles and participate in activities
and exercises that create positive changes in your life. Live events can also be viewed on the platform.

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