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The 13th Man - Charlotte

Classics Program

A Free Youth Development Program in held in annually Washington, DC and Charlotte, NC

Tutorial Program

Academic Tutoring (Reading,Math, Sciences) as well as SAT/ACT, ASVAB, and Enrichment Programs (College Fair, Teen Summit, Career Exploration, STEM).

Join the 13th Man

Why Me? Why Now? Why Not!

Why Me? Why Now? Why Not!

For many young men, athletics is a forum that embraces their energy, raw talent and innate need to belong to and excel at something where they can succeed. But, the 13th man who didn’t make the roster of 12 is, far too often, left on the sidelines to wait life out and see his peers move toward success.

These are the young men The 13th Man seeks to nurture, encourage greatness, and develop their potential for victory on the playing field called LIFE.

Aside from competitive endeavors, The 13th Man defines victory in many ways: for example, it can be scholastic achievements in the classroom or valuable contributions in the community. That’s why The 13th Man enlists the time and talents of caring adults to mentor these young men and help transform their lives.

The 13th Man stands ready, willing and able to enrich the lives of “the 13th man” by providing training and instilling leadership skills so that he rises beyond his own ambition to a level of success he could not imagine.

News & Events


Fred Lott,

Phone: 301-429-8807

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