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For a young man, being a part of a team is bigger than the sport. The team provides a support system that includes teammates, coaches and fans, all of whom encourage and cheer for the player’s success. More importantly, it is a constructive use of after-school time. For example, a basketball team is comprised of twelve players: five starters and seven other players – some who will warm the bench all season. But at least they are on the bench instead of sitting on the sidelines!


 Then, there’s the 13th man who has decent skills, has practiced all year, goes through final cuts – and does not make the team. Or the potential 13th man who does not even try out for the team content to sit on the sidelines, believing that he wouldn’t have been selected, even if he had tried.

What does 'he' do from 3:30 to 5:30?

Where does 'he' go?

Who provides the support needed
to develop the 13th man?


The 13th Man is a mentoring organization that catapults potential side-liners into superstars! The founder of the 13th Man,
E. Davon Kelly, attributes his success in business and in life to the many lessons that he learned while playing and coaching basketball.


Mentors from both sports and the business community will create an environment where character and leadership development are as important to the 13th Man as honing their basketball or other intramural skills

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Marriott College Park Conference Center

February 7, 2019



Application Essay
Writing Session

13th Man HQ

February 22, 2020
March 7,  2020

9 am - 11 am


Financing College Workshop

March 2020


Everett E. Kelly Scholarship

March 31,  2020




(Non-refundable after May 30th)

April 30,  2020



DC Summer Classics
May 2020


GUY TALK: Session

May 9, 2020



DC Summer Classics

July 13, 2020


DC Summer Classics

July 30 – Aug 2, 2020

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"For a young man, being a part of a team is bigger than the sport."

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core values

The mission of the 13th Man is to
elevate the lives of young men through empowerment, personal development and leadership engagements.

Every young man across the nation
will develop themselves to engage,
act and lead as a confident community game changers.

• Academic Excellence

• Community Service

• Self-Development


The 13th Man Pledge

To become a better student, leader​, and young man.

To have a positive influence on my family and friends.

To dream big, work hard, and strive for greatness.

And to be a community game changer for the 13th Man and beyond.

why me? why now? why not!

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The 13th Man Charlotte Chapter


“It [the Summer Classics] taught me so many ways to enter manhood and stay on the path towards success. I learned how to provide a firm handshake, how to tie

a tie, how to budget, and how to save money. This is a great program for others to experience.”



“The Summer Classics had a huge impact on me.  It’s taught me teamwork and ways to become successful. The camp prepares young men to grow into productive adult men and reach back to the next generation.”






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